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I just finished my first month of Essentials by Revivele and I already feel an amazing difference. As a 42 year old woman who is moving towards perimenopause, I feel great knowing that by taking just 14 Essentials my mind and body are receiving everything they need to function optimally. I quickly noticed my brain fog disappear along with a better ability to focus and stress less. I felt my mood stabilize due to the Bloom gummies filled with adaptogens. They taste amazing and I really look forward to taking them everyday. I have more mental clarity and feel an overall sense of calm. I no longer feel anxiety creep in over small issues. Also, my energy is more sustained throughout the day with no afternoon crash. This could be due to the fact that the quality of my sleep has significantly improved after taking the Exhale tablet. I fall asleep fast and stay asleep with less tossing and turning and waking with a wondering mind. I am experiencing so many positive changes in my body after just one month, I can only imagine how this will be incredibly beneficial in the long run. The packaging is truly beautiful and makes taking the supplements simple and enjoyable. Even the tablets and gummies themselves are pretty. You can see and feel the quality and attention to detail given in designing this system for women. Essentials are a game changer in women’s health, everything you need simplified into an easy to follow system. I would highly recommend it to all women.


I was so excited to receive my set of Essentials after all the wonderful things I had read and heard about their ingredients, sourcing and purity. The packaging aligns beautifully with its high quality content. I love how the names tell a story and prepare you for their benefits. Revivele was very responsive to my questions and provided helpful suggestions. I love how all of the supplements recommended for this perimenopausal time in my life are all contained in Essentials and the timings of when to take them are nicely organized into a manageable routine. Feeling more energetic, bathroom regularity and mental clarity were wonderful benefits. Thanks again Revivele for this perfect system of essential supplements for women.


I am 31 years old, and ever since I turned 30 I noticed I was declining cognitively, physically. I wasn’t able to keep as organized in my brain, my sleep was poor, it was taking me a long time to fall asleep, and then staying asleep I wasn’t getting that REM sleep I used to get in my 20s. So I found Revivele, and one of the things I liked about them is that they don’t just tout that one pill is going to fix everything. It’s really a lifestyle change that you need to make. Sleep, healthy eating, turning off screens before bed, it’s all of these lifestyle changes that are enhanced by a supplement line that carries you throughout your day. I’ve been taking Essentials for about a month now and one of the things I’ve noticed is that I’m thinking faster, I’m able to process and respond to questions more quickly at work, so my work life has really improved. I’m more organized in my day to day, I don’t feel so overwhelmed. My mood has improved quite significantly. Before Essentials, I was getting irritated really quickly, but now I’m able to regulate my emotion, and better understand and express them. My sleep has improved, Exhale has really helped kick off my sleep cycle.


This amazing supplement system is designed to contain all the supplements I have wanted to take (plus many I did not know about). I just could not figure out how to fit them all in throughout the day, especially while trying to meet the recommended doses. I am in my late forties and have noticed several changes in body over the past few years, from hair loss, lack of sleep and poor gut health, to general fatigue and difficulty focusing/foggy brain. Revivele not only exceeded my expectations with their quality of the supplements, but also the notable changes I have felt in the past month. The most immediate change I noticed was with my GI system. I don’t think my gut health has been this good in decades. I am sleeping 7-8 hours a night. I am able to focus better. My overall affect has improved (as my family can attest to!). The color coded labels make it easy to know exactly what to take when. This is an excellent product and highly recommended!