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Prioritize yourself

A female-focused health and wellness brand

We know that women often feel guilty for putting themselves first. The modern, busy, over-extended woman doesn’t have time to focus on herself, with so many other priorities demanding her attention. Our goal is to make the decision for her health simple. Let us do the research and formulate the ideal products for you in a concise, easy to follow system, so you can reap the benefits without missing a beat in your busy day.


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Who We Are

Revivele is a female focused health and wellness brand. Women are known for devoting their attention to their children, partners, aging parents, and careers, but often spend little energy on their own well-being...


“Life is hard enough, you don’t need your body fighting against you”

~Kavita Desai, Pharm.D.

  Founder, Revivele

Ingredients Guide

Channel the natural benefits of our most popular plant-based ingredients



Also known as Indian ginseng, and part of the nightshade family. Commonly used to help reduce stress, and also as an “adaptogen” for other disease states. Adaptogens help the body cope with physical, biological, and chemical stressors. 



A member of the ginger family and commonly used as a spice. But, also known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties.

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Derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant. Although a prevalent component of marijuana, on its own, it does not actually cause a “high” and does not have any abuse potential. It has a profound effect on reducing pain, anxiety, and may have brain protecting properties for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 


Functional Mushrooms

Rare mushrooms found in dense forests, not general grocery store varieties, also not to be confused with hallucinogenic, magic mushrooms. They can assist with boosting energy levels, improving immune function, and aiding digestion. Some varieties also help reduce stress, improve sleep and relaxation, and improve memory. 

Help Us... Help you


Hello Ladies!

We need your help, and want to hear from YOU! Click the link below to take our Women's Health survey!

My amazing Mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s several years ago, beginning in her early 50’s. She sadly passed away last year. She was an example of an extremely intelligent and kind woman, who sacrificed her career and well being to ensure that my brother, dad and I had everything we could ever want. She bore the burden, never once complained, but also never lived her life for HERSELF.

Through her illness and subsequent passing, I have become particularly aware of my own well being, my brain health and my own happiness. I still love and cherish my own kids and husband immensely, but I am also trying my best to take care of MYSELF in the same way that I support them and others. I feel that we all have the same common story and struggle, regardless of where we live in the world or our own personal journey.

We GIVE all of ourselves and take nothing FOR ourselves in return. The goal at Revivele is to change that narrative.

Revivele is about empowering women to take control of their mind, body & soul. I want to make it simple for women to find information that is relevant to them, products geared for their optimal health, and to create a community where we are heard.

So please take your time answering the questions. I am excited to hear your experiences, your words, and your truth.

By taking this survey, you are participating in creating a community for women, and helping to design solutions that will improve our health.

With empowerment, solidarity, and love,
Kavita Desai, Pharm.D.
Founder, Revivele

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