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A blend of adaptogens, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Enteric-coated tablets to maximize absorption and prevent stomach discomfort.

  • Aids in stress management*
  • Reduces anxiety*
  • Reduces emotional fluctuations*
  • Supports brain function*
  • Regulates energy*
  • Balances blood sugar*
  • Boosts immunity*

Zinc, ceylon cinnamon, berberine, ashwagandha, tulsi/holy basil, turmeric, rhodiola

Vegan | Free from: Soy | Nuts | Gluten | Dairy

60 tablets | 2 tablets daily | 30 day supply

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Balance and Sustain

As a follow-up to Inhale, Flow is a midday adaptogenic supplement designed to get you through the ups and downs of your busy day. Flow helps to boost brain function, and regulate energy and blood sugar. It can help your body cope with physical and chemical stressors, boost your immunity, and is also uniquely enteric coated to maximize absorption, and prevent stomach discomfort.*

Key Ingredients:

Zinc, ceylon cinnamon, berberine, ashwagandha, tulsi/holy basil, turmeric, piperine, rhodiola.


Take two enteric coated tablets with lunch or second meal of the day.

7 reviews for Flow

  1. Cassandra

    Must-have supplement

  2. Kerrie

    Taking this as part of the Inhale+Flow combo pack – for overall stress reduction and coverage with so many ingredients. Feeling generally more relaxed after 1.5 months on it. Easy to swallow (I take with cold water).

  3. Caitlyn

    I was realizing that I was getting more and more anxious about minor things, and had such little energy for basic daily tasks. When I went to the naturopath they recommended taking adaptogenic supplements, and gave me a few to choose from. I’ve been following Revivele for awhile and when I looked up the ingredients in Flow, they were pretty close to what was recommended! Since taking this product I’ve felt more relaxed, less anxious overall and have more energy!

  4. Carolyn

    I love anything with ashwagandha in it but this one takes the cake! I’ve been taking Flow for 2 months now and feel such an overall sense of calm, even with 3 teenage kids and a husband ha ha

  5. Olivia

    I was hooked on the ingredients in Flow and now even more hooked on how much it actually works!

  6. Victoria

    Easy to swallow and overall great to reduce anxiety

  7. Stephanie

    Easiest review I ever wrote…this stuff WORKS. My anxiety and stress have decreased drastically and I don’t know who loves it more, me or my family!

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